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Nicole Anderson shot to fame when she landed a role as the "#1 Jonas Fan", Macy Misa, on the Jonas Brothers' new Disney series, Jonas. Before that, she had a variety of guest roles on Disney and Nick series which include playing Jake Ryan's girlfriend on an episode of Hannah Montana, playing Tasha on two episodes of iCarly, a cheerleader on Unfabulous and Maria on Zoey 101. She was also in two made-for-TV movies, Princess, staring Nora Zehetner and Sunday! Sunday! Sunday! as Dana. You can also catch Nicole as the recurring character Kelly Parker on ABC Family's hit show, "Make It or Break It"! She will also play Bianca in the upcoming feature film, "Accused at Seventeen."
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nicoleandersons was created on April 25, 2009, a few days before the premiere of the new Disney Channel Original Series, Jonas. I, redlipped, thought she looked adorable and just sounded like an honest, good, sweet, down-to-earth person in her interviews. Please join if you feel the same as this community is members only but if you don't like her, Jonas, or anything she's associated with, please take it elsewhere! Thanks! :D

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